Live Performance Reviews:

Millrace Festival, Ontario, CA:

“Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews together produce a sound that is far too lush and full for only two people to produce. The fiddle and melodeon work in perfect harmony together to create a sound that is huge, warm and enveloping. At times, one cannot tell where one instrument has left off and the other begins. The same can be said of their vocals. Doug and Sarah are perfect ambassadors for English folk music and do the tradition proud.”

Brad McEwen – Millrace Festival, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


TATT (Traditions at the Tiger – Long Eaton):

“Local and exceedingly good – we gave Sarah and Doug a booking back in 2005, when the present team was just taking over & they were just starting up. Now, several CDs, regular bookings at Whitby and elsewhere later (not to mention their Ceilidh and Rapper Dance activities) we are very happy to welcome them back. Sarah and Doug play and sing songs from all around England and Scotland, but they have a particular in-depth knowledge of the music and traditions of their native Derbyshire – taking on the mantle of Mukram Wakes, perhaps, for those who remember such things, and working with just about every other decent musician in this county. We’re rather proud of our perspicuity in recognising their budding talents back in ’05, and very pleased at this chance to find out how they’re getting on!”

Corinne Male


Preview from Wheaton Aston Festival 2008:

“One has the feeling that whatever musical genre Doug (vocals, melodeons) and Sarah (vocals, viola, fiddle) chose to play, they’d float with the cream. They have a natural, expressive musicality many a musician would sell his or her soul for. So, it’s a happy bonus for the genre that they took to the traditional theme! Though individually very fine singer / tune-smiths, as a duo they truly gel. They treat their material – largely English traditional and contemporary songs / tunes (with the occasional Scottish, even French, pieces thrown in) – with imaginative flair, understanding and great musicianship. Theirs is a real class act! Indeed, their version of ‘The King of Rome’ is amongst the best I’ve heard (song-writer Dave Sudbury must be really chuffed with it). The musician’s road, however, can be pretty tough. But, with perseverance and given luck, this duo has a very bright future. They deserve it. Catch them.”


Derby Gaol Folk Club:

“Two extremely good musicians/singers/performers from right on our doorstep. Sarah and Doug are from fantastic local folk band Cross o’th Hands and have been doing a bit of work as a duo over the last year. Seriously good they are too, highly imaginitive arrangements, lovely harmonies and superb dance music to boot!”

Keith Kendrick – Derby Heritage Tradtional Music Club at the Old Derby Gaol




CD reviews:

Song and Laughter:

“The quirky, colourful album artwork on Song and Laughter suggests a raucous, lighthearted record. That sense isn’t absent, but what’s really under the cover of this album is solid, joyful, honest folk music – happy, sad and uncompromising…..Eunson and Matthew’s arrangements are natural and respectful – lead by the music, but not controlled by it. The result is a lovely mixture of carefully crafted ballads, straightforward chorus songs and beautifully flowing tune sets…..Song and Laughter more than lives up to its name. Listening, you get the sense of it striding confidently onto the English folk scene, and with just reason. Eunson and Matthews are very, very good – it’s not just their musicianship that grabs you, but the way they carry and delight in the tradition.”

Sol Loreto-Miller – Bright Young Folk 2016

“Sometimes simple is best and Song And Laughter bears that out. Two voices, melodeons, fiddle and viola and a repertoire you could imagine hearing in any folk club.
There is no need for deep textual analysis here, the title says it all.”

Dai Jeffries – 2016

On Shining Wings:

“Doug and Sarah play in the Derby-based band ‘Cross o’th Hands” and in various combinations with other musicians. They are both excellent singers and very experienced musicians who have clearly not lost the love and excitement then gain (and give) through traditional music and songs. There’s nothing more to say, really. Buy it. Enjoy.”

Chris Bartrum – Shreds & Patches – Issue 42 – Spring 08


“Great songs and tunes, well performed and well produced. I’ll be pleased to start playing tracks on my program in the near future.”

Bruce Cameron

‘Come All Ye’

Radio 2MCE-FM



Proper Swell:

“Doug and Sarah’s interests and abilities are equally split between playing and singing. Once again, there’s a Derbyshire feel to the material here; “Fourpence a Day” turns up again, together with three other local songs, one traditional, one written in the fifties and “Shuffling Jack”, from Lester Simpson. Several of the tunes are new also, by Sarah, who shows a very sure hand in adapting new tunes to old material as well as in her original material.”

“Altogether, the album accurately reflects the excellent mixture of old and new material, confidently delivered, that I’ve seen Doug and Sarah perform live over the past few years, since they started to get out and about in the East Midlands. They are both accomplished musicians, widely experienced in the traditional music scene across the country and knowledgeable in their local roots.”

The Living Tradition – issue 72 – Jan / Feb 07


“Produced with care, this CD has a good balance not only between contemporary and traditional material but also between vocal and instrumental. We can’t help feeling sad that there is only one a capella track, since this is an outstanding performance of The Parting Glass which is a stunning way to finish and would leave a club audience shouting for more.”

Jane Kremer and Dave Thomas



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