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  1. Hi, went to see you at the Old Oak at Wudus on Wednesday night what a nice night,also the guest with you were or some.hopefully will get to see you again .Cheers! Ruth Roe.

  2. Carrie Swinburne Avatar
    Carrie Swinburne

    Hi Sarah you sang a lovely song in the pub on Saturday night. The chorus contained “these are the best of days”. It’s new to me and I love a lilting melody. Did you write it and if so are you happy to share it with me. I fully admit I recorded a little on my phone to get the tune, however wouldn’t use it without your permission. I was the woman who sang ” I come to the garden alone” the Easter hymn…..although I gather I was meant to sing ” dancing with men” but it felt wrong after the beautiful sensitive song that preceded me.
    Best wishes. What a great festival. We saw you a while ago at Chichester folk song club. Carrie Swinburne.

    1. HI Carrie
      Would be delighted if you’d like to sing this … it is called Gathering Round and can be found on our Cupola cd ROAM.
      I can send you the lyrics if you like. ….

  3. Carrie Swinburne Avatar
    Carrie Swinburne

    Thanks sarah I e e mailed you.

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