Aside from the duo work, we are also involved in a number of other exciting projects on the folk scene…..


We play with the concert and dance trio Cupola along with  Oli Matthews, playing fiddle / viola, melodeons, hurdy gurdy, sax / clarinet and percussion and singing in three part harmony. We two albums out – IVY and Roam which are for sale at

Album Cover


The Cupola trio also form up into a quartet with Lucy Ward – winner of the Horizon Award in the BBC Folk Awards 2012. Look out for Cupola:Ward as an exciting line-up bursting with new vitality on stage, performing at UK festivals. We now have our beautiful album out – Bluebell – also available at



Cupola also combine forces with Andy Cooper on Bass and Ian Wilson on Mandola to form DanceCupola, an energetic new dance band playing for ceilidhs at festivals and making a great name for themselves:

“What a joy! Solid rhythms from the back line of bass and mandola underpin the distinct and exciting music from 3 supreme melody musicians. The combination gives you DanceCupola. They are just fabulous to dance to and the subtlety of the arrangements and harmonies make for a truly splendid listening experience as well. Calling with them is sublime and I never want the nights with them to end.” Martyn Harvey – caller.


Sarah’s most recent project is a solo album entitled As I Was Walking and is available from  This has been an opportunity to explore the fiddle, viola, cello, tenor guitar and vocal harmony investigating what various combinations she could put together, layering track upon track. It has been an incredible journey, learning new things about playing along the way…..Check out more information on Sarah at Sarah Matthews Music


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